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Who We Are?

Welcome to Gurukul Olympiad School, a harmonious collective of schools dedicated to delivering exceptional education to all. Here, the pursuit of academic brilliance goes hand in hand with the chase of audacious dreams. As a reputable educational institution, we believe in the complete development of our students, creating a balanced platform where rigorous academia converges with myriad opportunities for daring dreams and innovation.

Gurukul Olympiad School is more than a traditional school; we are a bustling epicenter of knowledge, creativity, and forward-thinking. Our unique approach to education cultivates an ambiance of curiosity and innovation, encouraging our students to morph into proactive, involved learners who excel not just academically but also in navigating real-world challenges

Why Choose Gurukul Olympaid School?

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Our Philosophy

At Gurukul Olympiad School, our philosophy is built on nurturing each child's unique potential through an integrated education approach. We blend academic learning with competitive preparation, promote mastery in at least one field, and extend education to prepare students for future careers, cultivating lifelong learners ready to impact the world positively.

Our Approach

We have pioneered the SWitCh model where schooling seamlessly integrates with coaching, providing students an early start for a better preparation. We lay a strong foundation for national level entrances and competitive exams right from the start, integrating them with the school curriculum. Our academic rigor is as per NCERT and CBSE standards, commencing right from Class 1.

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Our Faculty

Our team comprises of trained, expert, and dedicated teachers who uphold the high standards of education as per Kota norms. They are committed to nurturing each child’s uniqueness through various techniques and tests designed to assess and develop EQ and IQ.

Holistic Development

At Gurukul Olympiad School, we believe in making our students versatile. We focus on the development of EQ, IQ, reasoning skills, logical skills, aptitude, and analytical skills. Students are prepared for national-level NTSE, Olympiad Exams, as well as for Sports and Arts.


Extra-Curricular Activities

We believe in education beyond textbooks, offering a plethora of opportunities and activities for students to explore their inherent talents. We provide various clubs, societies, and co-curricular activities. Our 'EduSports' program, a synchronized sports curriculum from a leading Bangalore-based sports company, ensures a healthy balance between academics and sports.


Parents Club

We have established a Parents Club for regular interactions. This forum helps parents to understand their child better and promote positive parenting

Our Excellence


Years of Excellence


Happy Students


Qualified Teachers

Leader's Message

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Each new day presents fresh challenges, and as the future approaches us at breakneck speed, we must face it with courage and determination. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Gurukul Olympiad School, an institution that is progressive and dedicated to delivering quality education while upholding the esteemed values and traditions of the Gurukul system.

Dr. Satish Tambat

Chief Mentor & Principal,
(Expert Career Counsellor)


Unlock your potential and step into a world of endless opportunities at Gurukul Olympiad School!

Where every student's journey towards SUCCESS begins!

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