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Dr. Satish Tambat

Chief Mentor & Principal,
(Expert Career Counsellor)

Each new day presents fresh challenges, and as the future approaches us at breakneck speed, we must face it with courage and determination. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Gurukul Olympiad School, an institution that is progressive and dedicated to delivering quality education while upholding the esteemed values and traditions of the Gurukul system.

Beyond academic distinction, our school is devoted to instilling robust ethical values in our students. These values encompass integrity, courtesy, kindness, and respect for elders. I am of the conviction that education should not just impart knowledge but should also nurture confidence, discipline, clarity of thought, and the ability to set and achieve goals. Moreover, it should instill a lifelong commitment to social responsibility.

We are proud to provide a nurturing environment for all our students, an environment where young minds can flourish. Our aim is to mold students who possess not only academic brilliance but also the discipline, perseverance, and passion to excel - qualities indispensable in navigating the complexities of our modern society.

The goal of Gurukul Olympiad School is to equip our students to venture into uncharted territories with unwavering discipline and intrinsic motivation, ensuring they take every challenge in stride. Our establishment in Aurangabad is unique, as it firmly believes in the principle of "Jack of all trades, master of at least one". To realize this vision, we implement scientific testing methods, including EQ and IQ assessments, from an early stage.

In today's world, students often find themselves torn between regular school education and additional coaching for various competitive entrance exams. We have addressed this dilemma by integrating regular schooling with coaching, a system we call 'Switch'. This integrated approach alleviates student stress, conserves their time and energy, and offers parents significant financial savings.


Unlock your potential and step into a world of endless opportunities at Gurukul Olympiad School!

Where every student's journey towards SUCCESS begins!

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