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City Campus

Besides Shahanoorwadi Railway Bridge, Chatrapati Sambhajinagar

Gurukul Olympiad City Campus is an innovative educational hub catering to students from Grade K to 10, with a strong focus on critical thinking, decision-making, and analytical skills. To foster these skills, we offer integrated MCQ exams with negative markings from Grade 3 upwards, preparing students for the future competitive exam landscape. For students in Grades 6 and above, we provide a Foundation Test, segmented into Science & Math, Civil Services, and Fine Arts. This rigorous testing not only prepares them for their academic journey but also instills a deep understanding of their chosen fields. 


Our unique Mentoring Plus Program pairs each student with a mentor who helps identify their interests and strengths, providing personalized guidance for K-10 students. This one-on-one approach ensures individual attention and cultivates a personalized learning environment.

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MCQ Exams &

Foundation Test

Gurukul Olympiad City Campus takes an advanced approach to education, offering integrated MCQ exams from Grade 3 onwards, and a specialized Foundation Test for students in Grade 6 and above. These initiatives foster critical thinking, analytical skills, and prepare students for future competitive examinations.

Mentoring Plus Program

With our unique Mentoring Plus Program, we ensure individualized guidance for every student from K-10. Through one-on-one mentoring, we identify and nurture each student's interests and strengths, paving the way for personalized learning and development.

Happy Class Initiative

Our daily "Happy Class" uses the power of storytelling to boost emotional intelligence in students. By helping them relate to, understand, and build their own perspectives, we contribute to their emotional well-being and overall personal development.

Golden Triangle Approach

The core of our teaching philosophy, the "Golden Triangle Approach," focuses on three crucial aspects: academics, life skills, and character building. This comprehensive approach ensures our students develop holistically, becoming well-rounded individuals ready for real-world challenges.

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