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Ms. Rakshanda Tambat.jpg


Ms. Rakshanda Tambat

Cultural Executive,
(Teacher’s Trainer)

Welcome to the Gurukul family – an institution that consistently shines as a paragon of commitment, resilience, and unparalleled excellence. At Gurukul, we don’t just see a cohort of students; we see a tapestry of individual threads, each with its own texture and color. We deeply believe that every child is distinct, each bringing a unique perspective and set of capabilities to the table. This diversity is what makes Gurukul a vibrant community.

Our strength lies in our approach to personalized counseling. Recognizing that every child's journey is unique, we ensure each student benefits from tailored guidance, designed to nurture their specific strengths and address individual challenges. This meticulous approach is grounded in our commitment to achieving the most favorable outcomes for all our students.

But Gurukul Olympiad School is not merely an academic institution; it's a dynamic learning ecosystem. It's a space where students, parents, and teachers come together in a collaborative spirit. We firmly believe that the educational journey is enriched when all stakeholders actively participate and engage. Just as students are on a path of discovery and growth, parents and teachers are also continuously learning, adapting, and evolving within this shared educational landscape.

While academic success is a key objective, we also emphasize the importance of life's broader lessons. We want our students to soar to great heights, but it's equally important for them to understand and navigate the challenges and setbacks they might encounter. Life is not just about victories; it's about learning from every experience, whether triumphant or challenging. At Gurukul, we prepare our students to face the myriad of situations life might present with confidence and resilience. To us, genuine education at Gurukul Olympiad School encapsulates not just academic excellence but a holistic preparation for the diverse tapestry of life."


Unlock your potential and step into a world of endless opportunities at Gurukul Olympiad School!

Where every student's journey towards SUCCESS begins!

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