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GO School is not only a school or an education centre, but also a centre of learning, where students dream and dare to work for their dreams. We can very aptly call GO School a ‘CAREER SCHOOL’.


In their pursuit of wisdom, the students of GO School will discover something of value in them and return it to society. Our school will provide a safe, orderly, caring, aesthetically pleasing, supportive and functional environment conducive to learning and development of self esteem. Each student’s self-esteem is fostered by positive relationships with students and staff. Faculty and staff will strive to achieve their maximum potential, model lifelong learning and positive values, and display understanding, empathy, and respect for all members of the school community. School seeks to create a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success through development-appropriate instruction that allows for individual differences and learning styles. We strive to have our parents, teachers, and community members actively involved on our students’ learning.

The Mission of the GO School is to enable and inspire our diverse student body to improve & achieve academic excellence and make positive contributions to our world. We offer an enriched learning environment and a comprehensive system of supports to address the needs of the whole child. Providing an environment conducive to success is a key part in our pursuit of the highest standards. This means that all our students have access to the very best learning opportunities. Each classroom offers engaging and culturally-relevant curriculum that builds on students’ interests and abilities. We follow the National Curriculum approved by CBSE and NCERT as this provides not only for the basis for a broad educational experience, but also enables the vast majority of learners to progress successfully into whatever area is most appropriate for them. A climate of expectation and success is encouraged, and all students are helped to set realistic targets and then given all possible assistance in achieving them.

The surroundings in which children learn greatly influence their academic performance and well-being in school. The architecture, layout, décor and facilities of their school all play a vital role in shaping the learning environment.

GOS provide a safe, stimulating environment appropriate to the age of the students, which encourages and supports learning. Displays are changed regularly, challenge and inform the school community and celebrate the learning taking place. They are of high quality, both in terms of visual impact and production, appropriate to the age range of the students to whom they apply.

Curriculum Policy

The Curriculum followed in GOS encompasses everything that takes place that is organized and promoted by the school – both formal and informal. It includes every experience the student is exposed to. GOS offers a challenging curriculum enabling students to achieve their fullest social, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, cultural and physical potential. The intellectual community teaches values and respect for all, is dedicated to academic excellence, demands responsibility and promotes the power of collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. In GOS the curriculum is enhanced and enriched through CBSE AND NCERT’s research and development which is also recommended by National Curriculum Framework. GOS is also having a wider perspective in consulting some highly recommended international curriculums for the students of primary grades to experience them an extra edge in the process of learning. Teaching is centered on the learning process of the individual child, with the learning of basic skills as one of GOS’s most important goals. In developing the school's curriculum therefore, professional staff members individualize programs and to integrate the teaching and reinforcing of basic skills in the various subject areas.

Homework Policy

GOS assign relevant, challenging and meaningful homework assignments that reinforce classroom learning objectives, for all students. It provides them with the opportunity to apply information they have learned, complete unfinished class tasks, to work with their parents and develop independence. Homework contributes toward building responsibility, self-discipline and lifelong learning habits, master skills and reinforces learning. Homework is assigned with increasing complexity and time requirement as the student progresses through school. School activities, cultural interests, family obligations, and personal interests can be equally educational, and GOS take these into account when balancing the demands made on students. Homework is not used as a form or tool of punishment.

Extra Curricular Activities Policy (ECA)

GOS offers all children the opportunity to take part in Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) out of regular school hours by means of Clubs and Societies of their interest.
ECA enrich & enhance the formal curriculum, allow for relaxation and enjoyment, provide opportunities for social interaction, develop skills, values and encourage respect for others.
A range of activities are offered by school staff and are free of charge, others are provided by external providers and are charged to the individual, still others are provided off site and will incur costs. Where appropriate, students are offered the opportunity to travel away from school and engage in residential ECA.

Behaviour Policy

GOS ensure that, at all times, there is an atmosphere and ethos that supports and encourages learning, based on respect for the individual.
Positive behaviour is at the heart of a learning centered school. Every student has the right to be taught in environments that are safe, conducive to learning and free from disruption.
Every member of staff has the right to work in an environment that supports and enables them to provide a positive learning experience to all students.
Where students contribute to, and assist in, creating and sustaining an ordered and supportive learning environment they are recognized and their contribution celebrated within the school community. Equally, individual or group behaviour that prevents learning in an ordered and supportive environment is challenged and appropriate action taken.

Special Educational Needs Policy

GOS admit students irrespective of their gender, race, disability or special educational needs, provided that they are able to meet their needs without unduly prejudicing the education and the welfare of other pupils.

In a situation where the School is unable to provide or make available any specialist help required either due to lack of resources or local availability then a student's special needs will inform the decision of whether or not to accept the student.

GOS will identify any pupil with special needs (not so identified on admission to the School) through thorough screening strategies and on referral from school staff. The Special Needs coordinator will play a key role in coordinating such assessment and screening.

Where students with specific learning difficulties are admitted and/or identified, GURUKUL School will amend and enhance the programme to support learning needs of these students with appropriate strategies that will enable them to achieve success.

Parents will be involved in regular dialogue regarding the identified needs of the students and the progress they are making.

In today’s society, education is a top priority.The fundamental purpose of schooling is student learning, and all children have the right to a quality education. An ideal school consists of a community of learners whose main focus is student achievement. The school is considered a caring community, and has a specific moral purpose. High standards are set, and high achievement is demanded. Staff members establish high expectations for all students, and provide the support necessary for them to achieve their goals.

The management, faculty and staff of GO School affirm their commitment to excellence in education. To fulfil this commitment, we are dedicated to providing learning opportunities for all students in accordance with their needs, backgrounds, interests, and abilities. In our school program we strive to provide a balanced curriculum emphasizing academic and social growth and integrating the ideals of democracy and citizenship. We provide the opportunity for the students to have their needs meet as they develop individual abilities in a democratic atmosphere: an atmosphere where the students can contribute to be part of the whole. The culmination of our efforts is to instil in our students a lifelong love of learning.

We believe that all children should develop an understanding of the past and identification with the present to meet the challenges in an ever-changing world and to become responsible, ethical members of our society. Enable all students to become responsible, productive citizens in a changing world.