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GO School is a boarding school that offers the best opportunities to grow in ways that enriches their personality. The _ acre campus is beautifully landscaped. It has a wide variety of trees and plants and birds which helps to develop deep appreciation for our environment. The hostels are designed as a place for students to live and learn to adjust to the educational demands of everyday life besides encouraging them to develop a healthy social network. Hostel is under the care of a resident warden who maintains the academic, medical and personal progress of their wards. He also acts as an able counsellor, guide and administrator. Hostels are safe and happy places for students and adults. Student welfare is enhanced when all members of the school community participate in the learning programmes and life together.


There is common dining hall where vegetarian, well balanced food is provided. However, eggs are there in the breakfast. The food is wholesome and nutritious. At an additional cost milk is also supplied after dinner. The mess menu is revised as per the expert opinion of a dietician


The institution has a small infirmary with _ beds. A Medical Officer (MBBS) with required number of a paramedical crew is there to attend the routine cases. Serious cases, if any, are sent to the local government hospital. The school does its best to provide the required medical aid but does not owe any responsibility for accidents or mishaps beyond control